May 21, 2020

The everyday governance of the American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL) operates through democratically elected committees. To learn more about a committee, please contact its respective lead officer or chairperson.

Executive Committee

Richard Kay (President)

Maximo Langer (Vice-President)

Ronald Scalise (Treasurer)

Frank Gevurtz (Secretary)

Jacqueline Ross (2021)

Timothy Webster (2021)

Gary Bell (2020)

Virginia Harper Ho (2020)

Helge Dedek (Editor-in-Chief)

Franz Werro (Editor-in-Chief)

Sally Richardson (Parliamentarian)

Boris Mamlyuk (Information Officer)

Antonia Barragia (YCC)

Vivian Curran (Honorary President)

The standing committees below are listed in alphabetical order.

AJCL Joint Audit Committee

Helge Dedek

Ron Scalise

Afra Asharipour

Franz Werro

Annual Program Committee

Afra Asharipour

Padideh Ala’i

Hannah Buxbaum

Maximo Langer (chair)

Fernanda Nicola

Julia Qin

Comparative Law and Social Science

Richard Albert

Erin Delaney

Nora Eppinger

David Gerber

Tom Ginsburg

Francesco Parisi (Chair)

Finance Committee

Rachel Anderson

Afra Asharipour (Chair)

Martin Gelter

Richard Kay (ex officio)

Ron Krotoszynski

Ron Scalise (ex officio)

Peter Schroth

Nominating Committee

Richard Albert

David Clark (chair)

Alison Conner

James Nafziger

Timothy Webster

Plurilinguism Committee

Vivian Curran (chair)

Jorge Esquirol

Stacie Strong

Ioanna Tourkochoriti

Marketa Trimble

Prizes Committee

Jorge Esquirol

Julia Qin (chair)

Victoria Sahani

Margaret Woo

Website Advisory Committee

Richard Albert

Shawn Boyne

Josh Karton

Boris Mamlyuk (ex officio)

Fernanda Nicola

Yaniv Roznai

Ioanna Tourkochoriti, Chair

Younger Comparativists Committee

Antonia Barragia (Chair)

Claudia Haupt

Vera Korzun

Sara Rossi

Valentina Scotti