American Journal of Comparative Law

The American Journal of Comparative Law (AJCL) (Print ISSN 0002-919X; Online ISSN 2326-9197) is a quarterly peer-reviewed law journal dedicated to comparative law. It is published by Oxford University Press, with editorial assistance & administration provided by the Institute of Comparative Law (McGill University) and Georgetown University Law Center. The Institute of Comparative Law’s Director, Helge Dedek, and Georgetown University Law Center’s Franz Werro, currently serve as AJCL’s Co-Editors-in-Chief.


Helge Dedek

Associate Professor of Law and Director, Institute of Comparative Law

McGill University Faculty of Law

Franz Werro

Professor of Law

Georgetown University Law Center and University of Fribourg Faculty of Law

Executive Editorial Board

Luisa Antoniolli, University of Trento Faculty of Law

Gary F. Bell, National University of Singapore Faculty of Law

Francesca Bignami, George Washington University Law School

Mauro Bussani, University of Trieste Law Department

Donald C. Clarke, George Washington University Law School

Dominique Custos, University of Caen Law School

Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago Law School

Simone Glanert, University of Kent Law School

Hoi Kong, McGill University Faculty of Law

Máximo Langer, University of California Los Angeles School of Law

Ralf Michaels, Duke University School of Law

Álvaro Santos, Georgetown University Law Center

Walter Stoffel, University of Fribourg Faculty of Law

Symeon C. Symeonides, Willamette University College of Law

Book Review Editors

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

Paul R. Dubinsky, Wayne State University Law School

Former Editors-in Chief

Hessel E. Yntema † (1952-1966)

B.J. George † (1966-1968)

Alfred F. Conard (1968-1970)

John G. Fleming † (1971-1987)

Richard M. Buxbaum (1987-2003)

George A. Bermann (2003-2006)

James Gordley (2003-2008)

Mathias W. Reimann (2003-2013)

James Feinerman (2014-2015)

Managing Editor

Paula Potter (Oxford University Press)

Articles Editor

Amber Lynch (McGill University Faculty of Law)

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