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Membership in the American Society of Comparative Law is divided into several categories, including Associate, Corresponding Institutional Member, Patron, Sponsor (plus Delegate), and Sustaining Member. Membership is granted by affirmative majority vote of the Board of Directors held during the ASCL’s Annual Meeting or via voting by other means.

The principal category is Sponsor Member, which currently has annual dues of $700. It is open to any school or institute devoted to comparative, foreign, or international law, any ABA law school, any bar association, and other school, institute, association, or corporation deemed qualified by the board of directors. A sponsor member names one director to the board and one editor to the Journal. The director, editor, and school dean each receives one subscription to the American Journal of Comparative Law. In addition, the sponsor member’s director and/or editor normally receives up to $600 reimbursement for expenses incurred in attending the annual meeting. Since 2000 sponsor members may also name Delegates ($50 each). These delegates are eligible to serve as officers or on committees and to attend meetings of the Society.

Individuals other than those nominated by a Sponsor Member as an editor, director, or delegate may apply for an Individual Membership in the Society.  There are two categories of individual members: Category A Individual Members are entitled to a subscription to the American Journal of Comparative Law upon payment of annual dues of $160. Category B Individual Members are not entitled to a subscription to the American Journal of Comparative Law but pay annual dues of only $75. Individual Members may attend and participate (but not vote) in all meetings of Board of Editors or the Board of Directors. Individual Members may not be elected as officers or as members of the Executive Committee and are not eligible to serve as directors or editors of the Society but may serve as members of any other committee of the Society.

Sustaining Members, upon the payment of $500 annually, receive recognition in and a subscription to the Journal along with an invitation to the annual meeting and program. This category is open to any individual, law firm, corporation, or association.

Corresponding Institutional Members may be any legal research institution or comparative law society in a country other than the United States. They pay no dues but are elected with the expectation that they will otherwise contribute to the ASCL’s purposes.

The status of Patron of the Society is granted by majority vote to any individual (living or deceased), law firm, corporation, or association that makes a donation of at least $5,000. Patrons are appropriately and periodically recognized and honored for their lifetime (individuals) or for ten years, whichever period is longer.

For more information, please contact the Secretary of the American Society of Comparative Law, Professor Virginia Harper Ho.

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