Latest Comparative Law Scholarship

Alejandro Linares Cantillo, Assistant Editor Camilo Valdivieso-León, and Santiago García-Jaramillo (eds.), Constitutionalism: Old Dilemmas, New Insights (Oxford University Press, 2021) 

Vivian Groswald Curran (ed.), Porosités du droit / Law’s porosities, Société de législation comparée (2021)

Frank Emmert, International Business Transactions (Carolina Academic Press, 2021). The textbook/casebook is accompanied by IBT Documents Vol. I (Transactional Documents) and Vol. II (Dispute Settlement Documents).

James P George, Facilitating Money Judgment Enforcement Between Canada and the United States, 72 Hastings L. J. 99 (2020)

Donald Horowitz, Constitutional Processes and Democratic Commitment, (Yale University Press, 2021) 

Arif Jamal, The Routledge Handbook of Freedom of Religion or Belief, (Routledge, 2021)

Marel Katsivela, « Unmanned vessels and regulatory Concerns” (2020) 26 JIML239.  

M. Katsivela, « Les moyens de défense de la responsabilité extracontractuelle du fait personnel (droit civil québécois) et de la responsabilité délictuelle en common law au Canada : une étude en droit comparé », R.D.I.D.C., 2020, pp. 255-283.

M.Katsivela, “La notion de la causalité et le délit de négligence (common law)/ responsabilité extracontractuelle du fait personnel (droit civil) au Canada: une étude en droit comparé » (2020) 50 R.G.D. 151-178. 

Foreign Forum Selection Clauses and International Ocean Carriage of Goods in Canada and Australia: a comparative study of the Canadian Marine Liability Act (MLA) s46 and the Australian Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA) s11, 25 JIMC 205 (2020)

Mathias Reimann, “Comparative Law. An Overview of the Discipline”, International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, vol. II (2020)

Symeon SymeonidesChoice of Law in Practice, A Twenty-Year Report from the Trenches (Set of 3) (Brill 2020)

Symeon C. SymeonidesCross-Border Infringement of Personality Rights via the Internet, A Resolution of the Institute of International Law, (Brill 2021)

Ioanna Tourkochoriti, “Privacy” in Frederick Schauer and Adrienne Stone (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on Freedom of Speech (2021)

Awards, Distinctions

Professor Calboli Awarded Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics (

Professor Hannah Buxbaum was the 2021 Grotius Distinguished Discussant at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law.


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