Glenn PatrickIt is with great sadness that the American Society of Comparative Law announces the loss of the Society’s President, H. Patrick Glenn.

Professor Glenn was a longtime member of the Society, and he had been President of the Society since 2012.  He was a wise leader and counselor who contributed immensely to the work of the Society and to comparative law scholarship.  His books, articles and lectures in the area have been central to improving our understanding of the relationships among legal systems in an age of ever greater and more intense contacts among those systems.

Professor Glenn’s insights, his wit and his generous and modest style added enormously to our meetings and discussions and projects.   He was beloved by all who worked with him or learned from him.  His dedication to the cause of improved understanding among legal systems was an inspiration to us all.  He had a remarkable combination of wisdom, reliability, creativity, kindness and generosity that was truly unique.  He was a treasure.

His passing is an enormous loss for our Society and for its projects and objectives.  We mourn his loss, but we are deeply grateful for all that he did for us.

David J. Gerber, Vice-President, American Society of Comparative Law

For additional details about the life and work of Professor Glenn, please see  Saying Goodbye to Professor H. Patrick Glenn (1940-2014)

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