Awarding prizes is one of the ways in which the American Society of Comparative Law encourages and recognizes outstanding scholarship and other contributions to comparative law and to our Society.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Established in 2003 to honor living senior comparativists whose writings have changed the shape or direction of American comparative or private international law. It is a non-monetary recognition of lifetime extraordinary scholarly contributions to comparative law in the United States.Learn More
  • Hessel Yntema Prize

    Established in 1991 to honor the first editor in chief of the American Journal of Comparative Law, the Hessel Yntema prize of $1,500 recognizes the “most outstanding” article by a younger scholar under 40 years of age published in a recent volume of the Journal.Learn More
  • Senior Scholar Prize

    Established in 2001 to honor a recently deceased ASCL member, the Prizes Committee selects an individual to remember for his or her scholarly legacy and service to the ASCL. The prize of $1,500 recognizes and is awarded for the best scholarly article published in a recent volume of the Journal. The Committee seeks a congruence between the subject matter of the article selected for the prize and the scholarly work of the deceased person in whose honor the prize is named.Learn More
  • YCCPhanor J. Eder Prize in Comparative Law

    The Phanor J. Eder Prize is named after the first president of the American Society of Comparative Law. It is awarded in recognition of the best paper written by an undergraduate law student, J.D. or LL.B., in response to the Call for Papers for every annual meeting of the YCC. Submissions are open to any student writing on public or private comparative law, and the selected author will receive a stipend toward presenting their work at a YCC forum.Learn More
  • YCCRichard M. Buxbaum Prize for Teaching in Comparative Law

    Awarded to an untenured scholar in a tenure-track position at an ASCL Member School in recognition of teaching excellence in any subject of comparative law. Named in honor of the 2014 recipient of the ASLC Lifetime Achievement Award.Learn More
  • YCCColin B. Picker Graduate Prize

    Awarded in recognition of the best paper submitted by a graduate student to the annual YCC Global Conference. Named in honor of the founding chair of the YCC.Learn More
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