Teaching Materials

Without endorsing any particular taxonomies or teaching resources below, @ASCLConnect suggests that students/researchers interested in learning more about comparative law browse through these resources.  Reflecting the breadth of our discipline, these syllabi are obviously non-exhaustive and are intended to spur further development and critique.

As they often teach introductory Comparative Law courses, YCC members have unique opportunities to provide original insights, conceptual maps, and various heuristics to future comparativists.

While syllabi are not typically thought of as research products, we can all agree that they are formative and highly influential.

If you would like to provide additional resources to continue growing this list, please contact us or let us know at @ASCLConnect.  Thank you.  Keep calm, and keep comparing!

Asian Legal Systems

Law and Society in East Asia — Tom Ginsburg (Syllabus)

Contracts and Commercial Law

Comparative Law Foundations

Legal Traditions  — René Provost

Comparative Law — Michael Corrado

Comparative Law — Kathryn Hendley

Comparative Law — Ralf Michaels

Constitutional Law

Comparative Constitutional Law — David Landau

Judicial Review and Comparative Constitutionalism — Fritz Edward Siregar

Comparative Constitutional Law Syll JColon Rios v2 – Joel I. Colón-Ríosof Wellington

Comparative Constitutional Law — Professor Michael Corrado

Comparative Constitutional Law: Structure and Transitions — Ozan Varol

Comparative Constitutional Law — Sudha Setty

Criminal Law

International Comparative Criminal Law — Michael Corrado

Family Law

Comparative Family Law – Macarena Saez

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression Syllabus – Ioanna Tourkochoriti

Comparative Equality Law – Fredman, Khaitan, and Havelkova

Law and Development

Comparative Law and Development – Fernanda Nicola

Law & Sexuality

Law, Sexuality and Transnational Perspectives — Holning Lau

Law & Religion

Religious Freedom: Comparative and International Perspectives — Mohammed A. ‘Arafa

Islamic Law and Legal Thought — Mohammed A. ‘Arafa

Islamic Law — Mohammed A. ‘Arafa

Western Legal Traditions

Western Legal Traditions – Assignment List — Melissa Lonegrass

Western Legal Traditions – Course Outline — Melissa Lonegrass

Western Legal Traditions – Syllabus — Melissa Lonegrass