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The American Journal of Comparative Law was founded in 1952. As the official journal of the American Society of Comparative Law, it publishes four issues a year and is devoted to comparative and transnational legal studies – including, among other subjects, comparative law, comparative and transnational legal history and theory, private international law and conflict of laws, and the study of legal systems, cultures, and traditions other than those of the US.

In its long and rich history, The AJCL has published articles authored by scholars representing all continents, regions, and legal cultures of the world. A peer-reviewed, leading journal in the field, it has been hosted in the past by institutions such as the UC Berkeley School of Law, Columbia Law School and the University of Michigan Law School; currently, the Georgetown University Law Center and the McGill University Faculty of Law jointly serve as its host.

From our latest issue

Volume 71, Issue 2, Summer 2023


  • Is Neutrality Possible? A Critique of the CJEU on Headscarves in the Workplace from a Comparative Perspective 

    Pages 444–485,

    This Article discusses critically and from a comparative perspective the idea of neutrality mentioned in the two recent decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on headscarves in the workplace. 

  • The Authoritarian Commons: Divergent Paths of Neighborhood Democratization in Three Chinese Megacities 

    Pages 388–443,

    Can a liberal commons emerge in an authoritarian regime? 

  • Constitutional Morality: An Indian Framework 

    Pages 354–387,

    Over the last dozen years, Indian courts have formulated the idea that, inherent in the Indian Constitution, lies a type of morality referred to as constitutional morality (CM).

  • The Family of the City, the Family of the Country 

    Pages 328–353,

    In this Article, we argue that the state supports different familial practices in urban and rural areas. 

  • Toward an Account of the Nineteenth-Century Emergence of the Comparative Accusatorial/Inquisitorial Divide 

    Pages 296–327,

    Although the terms “inquisitorial” and “accusatorial” (or as those in the common law world prefer, “adversarial”) are fixtures of the comparative literature on procedure, there remains considerable disagreement regarding their definitions and indeed whether to continue using them at all. 

  • Choice of Law in the American Courts in 2022: Thirty-Sixth Annual Survey

    Pages 251–295,

    This Survey covers cases decided by American state and federal appellate courts during 2022. 


Helge Dedek

Associate Professor of Law and Director, Institute of Comparative Law
McGill University Faculty of Law

Franz Werro

Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Center and University of Fribourg Faculty of Law

Book Review Editors

Richard Albert, University of Texas at Austin School of Law
Joshua Karton, Queen’s University Faculty of Law

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Hessel E. Yntema † (1952-1966)
B.J. George † (1966-1968)
Alfred F. Conard (1968-1970)
John G. Fleming † (1971-1987)
Richard M. Buxbaum (1987-2003)
George A. Bermann (2003-2006)
James Gordley (2003-2008)
Mathias W. Reimann (2003-2013)
James Feinerman (2014-2015)

Executive Editorial Board

Luisa Antoniolli, University of Trento Faculty of Law
Gary F. Bell, National University of Singapore Faculty of Law
Francesca Bignami, George Washington University Law School
Mauro Bussani, University of Trieste Law Department
Donald C. Clarke, George Washington University Law School
Dominique Custos, University of Caen Law School
Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago Law School
Simone Glanert, University of Kent Law School
Hoi Kong, University of British Columbia Peter A. Allard School of Law
Máximo Langer, University of California Los Angeles School of Law
Ralf Michaels, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law
Álvaro Santos, Georgetown University Law Center
Walter Stoffel, University of Fribourg Faculty of Law
Symeon C. Symeonides, Willamette University College of Law

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Paula Potter (Oxford University Press)

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Amber Lynch (McGill University Faculty of Law)

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