Past Presidents

The list of Presidents of the American Society of Comparative Law has included some of the most important scholars in the field. With their leadership, these individuals, other officials of the Society, and our members have contributed to make the American Society of Comparative Law what it is today.

Richard Kay


Vivian Curran


David Gerber


H. Patrick Glenn


John C. Reitz


Symeon C. Symeonides


David S. Clark​​


Richard M. Buxbaum (Honorary)


George A. Bermann


Arthur T. von Mehren †


Courtland H. Peterson (Honorary)


Friedrich K. Juenger †


John G. Fleming † (Honorary)


Edward D. Re †


Miguel A. De Capriles †


Alexis C. Coudert †

(1955-1960, 1965-1971)

Phandor J. Eder †