November 14, 2017

@ASCLConnect is an outreach/networking project of the American Society of Comparative Law. ASCLConnect has three main goals: (1) to broaden the reach of the ASCL to a global audience of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers; (2) to disseminate news about ASCL projects and events on TwitterFacebook, and/or YouTube; (3) to encourage societies devoted to comparative law to partner with the ASCL to collectively deepen our understanding of the world’s legal systems.


A Conversation with Richard Albert (March 2016)

A Conversation with David Gerber (February 2016)

A Conversation with Ugo Mattei (October 2015)

A Conversation with Richard Kay (October 2015) 


YCC 5th Annual Conference (March 2016)

Welcome Address to the YCC – Ozan Varol (March 2016)

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