Recent Comparative Law Scholarship

May 23, 2019

Comparative Law Methodology:

  • Catherine Valke, Comparing Law (Cambridge University Press 2018) 

General Comparative Law Materials: 

  • Comparative Legal History (O. Moréteau, A. Masferrer, K. Modéer eds., Edward Elgar, Research Handbooks in Comparative Law Series, 2019) (498 p.)  

Constitutional Law:


Edited Volumes


  • Constitutional Law Group, directed by Patrick Macklem and Carol Rogerson, Richard Albert participating, Canadian Constitutional Law (Emond Publications, 5th ed. 2017)


  • Ioanna Tourkochoriti, “Comparative Rights Jurisprudence, An Essay on Methodologies”, Law And Method (2017) 1-22. 

Criminal Law: 

Noah Weisbord, “Who’s Afraid of the Lucky Moose? Canada’s Dangerous Self-Defence Innovation,” 64(1) McGill Law Journal 1 (forthcoming, 2019).

Company Law:

  • Pierre-Henri Conac & Martin Gelter (eds).:  GLOBAL SECURITIES LITIGATION AND ENFORCEMENT (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2019).
  • Martin Gelter, Global Securities Litigation and Enforcement, in GLOBAL SECURITIES LITIGATION AND ENFORCEMENT 3-106 (Pierre-Henri Conac & Martin Gelter eds. 2019).
  • Martin Gelter, Mapping Types of Shareholder Lawsuits across Jurisdictions, in RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON REPRESENTATIVE SHAREHOLDER LITIGATION 459-481 (Sean Griffith, Jessica Erickson, David Webber & Verity Winship eds., Elgar 2018).
  • Martin Gelter, Nemika Jha & D. Gordon Smith, United States and Chapter 3 (Duties of Nominee Directors), in COMPARATIVE COMPANY LAW: A CASE-BASED APPROACH (Mathias Siems & David Cabrelli eds., Hart Publishing 2018).

Intellectual Property:

  • Marketa Trimble, Geoblocking and “Legitimate Trade” in Intellectual Property and Obstacles to Legitimate Trade 53 (Christopher Heath, Anselm Kamperman Sanders & Anke Moerland eds., Wolters Kluwer, 2018)    
  • Marketa Trimble, Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights at Trade Shows: A Review and Recommendations, 34 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Resol. (forthcoming 2019)
  • Marketa Trimble, Territorialization of the Internet Domain Name System, 45(4) Pepperdine L. R. 623 (2018)


  • Marel Katsivela, “La Notion De Dommage Dans Le Cadre Du Délit De Négligence (Common Law) Et De La Responsabilité Extracontractuelle Du Fait Personnel (Droit Civil) Au Canada: Une Étude En Droit Comparé” (The Notion of Injury in the Tort of Negligence (Common Law) and the Personal Extracontractual Liability (Civil Law) in Canada: A Comparative Study), 96, La Revue du Barreau Canadien605-627 (2018).
  • Marel Katsivela, “Le Manquement À La Norme De Diligence Et La Faute Dans Le Cadre Du Délit De Négligence (Common Law) Et De La Responsabilité Extracontractuelle Du Fait Personnel (Droit Civil) Au Canada: Une Étude Comparée”, 95 La Revue du Barreau Canadien(2018)

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