YCC ASCL 8th Annual Global Conference at McGill School of Law

May 17, 2019

The 8th Annual Conference of the Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law was held on May 10th-11th at McGill School of Law. The event was a great success. Prof Maximo Langer (UCLA, ASCL Vice President) delivered a keynote speech on “Plea Bargaining and the Global Administration of Criminal Convictions”. The Conference offered the opportunity to 60 early stage comparative law scholars from all over the world to discuss their work in a supportive and constructive spirit. Participants were selected following a rigorous peer review process. Here is a link to the program: https://mcgill.ca/centre-crepeau/activities/8th-annual-ycc-conference 

The Society’s paper prizes were also awarded at the event. 

Colin B. Picker Graduate Prize:

Awarded in recognition of the best paper submitted by a graduate student to the annual YCC Global Conference. Named in honor of the founding chair of the YCC. The Scholarship Advisory Group organises the relevant competition.

Recipient:   Achalie M. Kumarage, American University

Paper Title: “Oversimplifying Legal Realities: Gender Indicators and Aspiring Law Reforms Based on Skewed Outcomes”

Honorable Mention:    Rafi Reznik, Georgetown University

Paper Title: “Purposive Originalism: The Rise of American Conservatism in Israel”

Phanor J. Eder Prize in Comparative Law:

Awarded in recognition of the best paper written by an undergraduate law student, J.D. or LL.B., in response to an open Call for Papers. Named in honor of the founding president of American Society of Comparative Law. The Affiliates Advisory Group organises the relevant competition. 

Recipient:   Emily Hazen, Gonzaga University School of Law

Paper Title: “Restructuring US Military Justice Through a Comparative Analysis of Israel Defense Forces”

Honorable Mention: Samridda Sen and Atreya Chakraborty of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta

Paper Title: “Regulating Political Financing in India: A Legal Perspective on the Case Study of Electoral Reform”

The event coincided with the award of prizes for the Baxter Competition on Federalism at McGill School of Law organised by Prof. Johanne Poirier. 


1.         Jan Raeimon Nato (First Prize)

Paper Title: “Duties of Federal Loyalty: Lessons to Learn, Conversations to be Had”

2.         Berihun Gebeye (Second Prize)

Paper Title: “Federal Theory and Federalism in Africa”

3.         Catherine Mathieu (Third Prize ex aequo)

Paper Title: “L’initiative constitutionnelle comme élément déclencheur de la réforme du fédéralisme canadien”

4.         Rafael Viotti Schlobach (Third Prize ex aequo)

Paper Title: “Homogeneity Clauses in Federal countries: A Comparative Analysis”

2019 Annual YCC Conference Program Committee 


Vincent Forray (McGill) 

Ioanna Tourkochoriti (NUI, Galway) (YCC Chair) 


Rehan Abeyranthe (Hong Kong)

Antonia Baraggia (Milan) (YCC Board)

Michael Da Silva (McGill) 

Vera Korzun, (Akron)

Mélisandre Shanks (McGill)

Jurgen Goosens (Tilburg)

Claudia Haupt (Northeastern)

Akshaya Kamalnath (Deakin) 

Kish Parella (Washington & Lee)

Valentina Rita Scotti (Koç)

Safa Ben Saad, (Sherbrooke) (QC)

Sarbani Sen (Jindal Global Law School)

Kyriaki Topidi (Freiburg)

YCC Board:

Antonia Baraggia (Milan) (Vice Chair)

Vera Korzun, (Akron)

Kish Parella, (Washington & Lee) 

Valentia Rita Scotti, (Koç) 

Ioanna Tourkochoriti (NUI, Galway) (Chair)

Scholarship Advisory Group:

Sofia Ranchordas (Groningen) (Chair)

Francisco de Elizalde Ibarbia (IE)

Claudia Haupt (Northeastern)

Alyssa King (Queens)

Bilyana Petkova (Maastricht)

Sarbani Sen (Jindal)

Se-shauna Wheatle (Durham)

Affiliates Advisory Group:

Sara Gwendolyn Ross (UBC Allard) (Chair)

Katayoun Alidadi (Bryant)

Gabriel Eidelwein Silveira (U Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

Michael Da Silva (McGill)

Alexandra Horváthová Andhov (Copenhagen)

Kyriaki Topidi (Freiburg)

Linkages & Engagement Advisory Group:

Jurgen Goossens (Tilburg) (Chair)

Ezgi Fulya Akkus (Afyon Kocatepe)

James Fisher (Tokyo)

Rana Lehr-Lehnardt (Missouri)

Neliana Rodean (Verona)

Juliane Sant’Ana Bento (Rio Grande do Sul)

Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang (Taiwan)

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