Countdown to 2018 Annual Meeting

June 19, 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL) will be held concurrently with the XXth International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL) Congress from  July 22 to July 28, 2018.  We are honored and humbled by the openness of the city of Fukuoka, Japan, which will serve as the convention site for our meetings.

In one month, hundreds of leading practitioners, scholars, and academics from the field of comparative law and allied disciplines will meet in Fukuoka, Japan to exchange ideas, experiment with new modes of knowledge production, and forge ties for future collaborative projects.

While they are discrete in an organizational sense, the ASCL & IACL meetings will build on a rich history of intellectual and professional collaboration between the respective learned societies. From past experience, we know that the meetings and plenary sessions will showcase some of our discipline’s best thinking and highlight our most audacious aspirations.  From the standpoint of attendees, presenters, and participants, the “Fukuoka 2018 meeting” will doubtlessly be a comparative law week to remember.


“Let us gather not only to broaden our own horizons; let us seek to broaden the world’s horizons.” -@ASCLConnect

We are mindful that many of our professional friends may not be able to travel to Fukuoka this year.  We know that, as in any conference of this size, there might be last-minute program changes or logistical hiccups.  As important, we also know that brilliant insights and pioneering work can be overlooked over the course of a week-long high-level comparative law marathon.

To broaden the mindshare, reach, and global impact of this historic meeting, we ask that participants and their supporters actively share their insights, feedback, lessons (and, of course, photos!) on social media via @ASCLConnect and/or #FukuokaCL.

Here at @ASCLConnect, we have developed a Fukuoka’18/ASCL’18 webpage that can serve as a central repository for substantive & logistical info in connection with the meeting.  If you have materials that you would like to include on this page, please email them to the ASCL Information Officer, Boris Mamlyuk.

We anticipate periodic updates to the ASCL’18 page through the end of July 2018, so please check back regularly for news. Until then, here is a link to IACL meeting information, including registration and very useful logistical information.

Thank you,


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